Our Mission

Our status. . .

Incorporated charitable not-for profit under Illinois State Law in 1945,

no longer Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt,

subject to section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of IRC. We maintain a formal

relationship through our chaplain with the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, in

accordance with canon law.


Our method. . .

We work for interracial justice and understanding among those we meet. These

problems cut across all cultures and give us a common challenge.


Our philosophy. . .

Scripturally based love of our sisters and brothers in the Catholic

tradition. Catholic for us means both the "Big C" Roman Catholic Church

(Our constitution's preamble makes clear our commitment to the teachings

and practices of Roman Catholicism) and the "little c" friendship

with all men and women of good will.


Our history. . .

Continuing a tradition founded in the heyday of Catholic Action.

Here's a recent historical article on Friendship House written by our FH

Board President Albert Schorsch, III.